What Is Reality?

We begin with the fundamentals of simulating reality. With sound largely conquered, the next evolution in VR is in visual reality, and this is where we begin. Visual reality is controlled by three elements: Light quality, resolution density, & accurate dimensionality.


We have spent half a decade testing the best lighting systems to create the most realistic VR solutions possible. Working with state-of-the-art LED screens and digital projection manufacturers, we have designed our solutions to capture the brightest whites, and the deepest blacks.


To ensure that the illusion of VR is indistinguishable from reality, our solutions are based on the highest resolutions achievable taking into account your available space, and the size of your audience. With breakthroughs in LED sub-millimeter technologies, our patent-pending designs will take your audiences to worlds only before imagined.


The illusion of 3D within virtual reality requires multiple strategies based on venue size. Using passive or active eyewear combined with perfect lighting and ultra-high resolution content, our solutions have mastered techniques to give all audience members the same VR experience.