Stadeon, LLC was formed in June 2017 to organize the design problems of a prototype screen design for an individual gamer’s experience in an open space for a more social shared experience with other gamers. We need to build a demo unit and to measure the reaction of gamers to a new form factor in 3D display. We need to prove out our design.

Stadeon exists to provide gamers with the first truly imaginative VR game experience that transports you beyond interaction and immersion to get you – the VR gamer – “there” – without a headset. We have created an LED screen technology in a wrap around format that displays VR 3D content imagery that appears “real”!

You are used to seeing VR on the screen of your HMD’s or headsets. Imagine imagery that jumps out of our screen in real-life scale, wrapping around you, interacting with you in your space! We transport you from interaction through immersion to our imaginative consciousness zone – ICZ, where fantasy trumps knowledge and your beliefs and desires vanish into a spatial and intuitive “presence.”

Think about the social implications of transporting gamers from existing virtual reality to our elevated reality where imagination is unconstrained. New and exciting ideas can evolve from the fantasy of being beyond immersion. We think the impact on simulation beyond gaming is extraordinary. For now, we are a small startup and have decided to focus on gamers and developers as our initial target of opportunity, but simulation in entertainment, medicine, education, military and beyond can teleport us all as a VR community to a world where fantasy becomes virtual and real! We created the term Imaginative Consciousness Zone – ICZ- where awareness and intention converge to create new ideas, concepts, and images. ICZ transforms immersive reality to elevated reality that promises exciting new experiences in peripheral vision.

We have tested our technology on a flat screen format. The amazing elevated 3D imagery created beyond the screen plane and into your viewing space is amazing. Our imagery has big differences – the resolution, brightness, and clarity makes our display imagery appear real at your point of focus and in your peripheral vision. Over the last six months, we invited over 120 prominent leaders in the game and entertainment industry to a preview of our technology. To a person, they said the imagery on our screen was “amazing”. So we trademarked the phrase – AMAZE THE WORLD.